3D Body Diagram

The 3D Body Diagram app gives you the ability to more precisely document your findings on a 3D diagram of the body, skeleton, or spine.


When you have purchased the 3D Body Diagram app, new items in the Body Diagram ribbon will become active and there will be additional functionality to the Region tool.


For instructions for installing the 3D Body Diagram, click here.


The new items are the 3D items in the Model drop down which allows you to select 2D, 3D, 3D Skeleton, and 3D Spine diagrams.




The Skin drop down to select the skin color in the 3D diagram




The Side drop down allows you to select the aspect of the 3D Body Diagram presented in the note




The Region button allows you to rotate the 3D Body Diagram and select body regions to more precisely document your findings.




To rotate the diagram, click the Region button and left-click and hold the left mouse button in the body diagram area. With the mouse button held down, move the mouse in a direction and the 3D Body Diagram will rotate in the direction that the mouse is moving.



Note: If the screen below is blank, click the Rewind button Rewind.jpg to view the video.



To select a region to annotate, click the Region button and select the area on the 3D Body Diagram you wish to annotate. The 3D Body Diagram annotation functions in the same manner as in the 2D Body Diagram. Instructions are located here for annotating a body diagram.


In addition to the 3D human form, you can also select 3D Skeleton and 3D Spine from the Model drop-down menu.